Mars' Modular Multiplayer Photon FPS Kit

EU-Users (except Germany), please purchase from the Asset Store instead:

Are you looking for a Unity 5 / 2017 Photon Multiplayer FPS Project?
Search no longer! You just found what you were looking for!
This project contains everything to get started with FPS development in Unity 5.

What you will receive by purchasing this:

For a full list of current and upcoming features, see the Trello board for this project:

The modular design of this project sets it apart from other Unity multiplayer kits. Everything is made for ease of use (As far as that was possible). If you need help, look in the manual and if you don't find what you need, ask on AU or seek help on the Discord server!

Update #1

  • Extended Audio Settings

  • Voice Chat (Using Photon Voice)

  • Region that is selected will now be saved

  • Loadout menu in the main menu

  • Sensitivity sliders in the options menu

  • Field of View slider

  • Improved strafing

  • Leaning

  • Gun Game Gamemode

  • Steam Integration (Optional)

Update #2

  • Fully animated first person weapons

  • Walk Tilt

  • Fall Down Effect

  • Mecanim controlled run animation

  • Loading Screen Progress Bar

  • Camera Animation Support

  • WebGL Support

  • Price raised to 50€ because of animations.

Update #3

  • Bots

  • Bug fixes

Update #4

  • Leveling

  • Unlocking

  • Battlechat

  • FPV2 Integration

What do our customers have to say about the kit?
"Mars came out of nowhere and raised the bar for FPS kits.

My final verdict is easily a 10/10. Best kit I've used, personally. Absolutely worth picking it up.
" ~Joey R
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"This is the best unity kit I have ever bought, period!" ~xXx_Mtn_Dew_xXx

"its awesome 10/10 just like your game" ~Kuro

"45 €? For opinion with all these features this is too cheap!

The Question is, can you buy the kit?

Absolutely Yes!" ~Rhodos32
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You are free to:

  • Modify the kit as you like

  • Share it with your team (!) members. This does not apply to open source projects.

  • Use it in a commercial or non-commercial product, that does not allow the reuse of the source code (e.g. a built Unity game executable)

  • Create replacement modules for the kit (e.g. different movement module) that cannot function on their own and do not contain the kit or any of its scripts. You can freely resell those as long as the conditions are met.

You may not:

  • Resell the source code or any of the included assets in their source format.

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