PreMade Factions And Hub Server Setup Bundle !

Hello this is our (TheDiamondNetworkMC) factions & Hub minecraft server setup Bundle comes with free support and bug fixes just drop us a msg !

All you have to do is upload all the files to your server and enjoy !

The server does come with a small map that we built its nothing special but it gets the job done if you don't have anything else ready.

Faction Features:

Engrams come in 3 different variants at the moment.Common,Rare and Legendary.To aquire engrams you can kill bosses or vote.Once you have a engram you bring them to the Drax npc that decodes the engrams into op items including custom named items with cool lore's.

Custom Enchants:
There are around 30 custom enchants on this server you can change the strength of each enchant in the config if you do not like a certain enchant.

Classes And Races:
These change the factions mode dramaticually.When you first join the server you are faced with 2 npc's one called "race" and one called "class".Rightclicking one of these opens a gui with all the races or classes that you can pick from.For e.g: a mage can cast spells with a wand like a healing spell that only heals faction members and ally's around that player.And if partnered with the wizard class you gain mana faster and have some special attacks.

Permissions Config:
Included in this server is a fully set up permissions ex config which includes.Starter rank with all the basic permissions,5 donator ranks and 5 staff ranks.

You can auction off items across the server which display in chat and can also display above the hot bar when the auction gets to 10 seconds or below.

This server has mcmmo installed along with mcmmo credits that can be given to players to redeem on a certain mccmo stat.

There are 3 bosses set up that when spawned attack the nearest player using special moves and abilities but when killed drops special boss specific loot which are renamed and have lores.

And some small but needed plugins such as nocheatplus,automessager,command edit ect.

The hub server includes:

Bungee portals so you can direct players to your other servers with a handy nether portal.

A fun jukebox that plays songs in noteblock form for e.g: ghost busters theme tune ect..

Permissions are all setup for the hub with a default rank and staff ranks.

This hub server also includes cosmetics which include chests like mineplex,guns,trails,hats,pets,mounts and much,much more !
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