Fantasy in the Wild: Painting Concept Art on Location

Spectrum Grand Master James Gurney takes his easel to the streets in this unique project to create two imaginative paintings entirely on location. In the first, he transforms a townscape with magical lighting. In the second, he invents a dramatic scenario with a giant robot in a fast-food urbanscape. Gurney documents each image all the way from the first sketch to the final painting, using a practical but entertaining “driver’s seat” perspective. You’ll learn how to:• Sketch thumbnails and comprehensives.• Build a flexible maquette from craft foam.• Get maximum inspiration from the location.• Recognize when an idea isn’t working and how to fix it.• Create a viewing grid for an accurate line drawing.• Imply a backstory with selective details.“Fascinating look into a master illustrator's creative and technical process.”—John-Paul Balmet, Concept Artist, LucasfilmHD 720p MP4 Video download, about 1 Gig
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