(CSCI 261 VA) Project Six

This project will help the students to reinforce the knowledge from
Chapter Six of the textbook.
1. Understand and apply top-down design concept
2. Implement the functions according to specified requirements
3. Understand and apply file output stream to output information to
4. Test and debug the functions
Problem Description:
Project Six is a continuation of project Five, which will allow the user to
print out a calendar for any given year to the screen and to the file.
A template cpp file will be given. The template file already implements
the functionality to print out calendar on screen. The students just need
to understand the template file and implement / modify couple
Please study the template file first. It contains the solution to project five.
Once you understand the template file and answer three questions in it,
you will understand more about project five and this project six.
Please run the demo to see how the program will run. Due date will be
announced on Blackboard.
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