IGCSE Biology - Photosynthesis Presentation

This is an animated PowerPoint presentation that covers section 3.1 Plants and Food of the Edexcel IGCSE Biology course.

The PowerPoint covers the following questions:

What kinds of experiments would you use to investigate photosynthesis; showing the production of starch and the requirements of light, carbon dioxide and chlorophyll?
What is photosynthesis?
Can you write the word equation and the balanced chemical symbol equation for photosynthesis?
How is the structure of a leaf adapted for gas exchange and photosynthesis?
How are gases exchanged through the stomata?
How are gases exchanged in flowering plants, in relation to respiration and photosynthesis?
Can you sketch a graph and explain it, to show how carbon dioxide concentration, light intensity and temperature all affect the rate of photosynthesis?
Can you describe a simple controlled experiment to investigate photosynthesis, showing the evolution of oxygen from an aquatic plant?
What are magnesium ions and nitrates needed for in plant growth?
Do you understand that respiration continues 24 hours a day, but that the net exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen depends on the intensity of light?
How can you use hydrogencarbonate indicator to investigate the effect of light on net gas exchange from a leaf?

The PowerPoint is designed to directly address each relevant point in the syllabus. It is simple and straight to the point covering the topic in just the right amount of detail.

It's a fantastic resource for both teachers and students or a great tool for revision.

Many of the slides have animations in that will only work when viewed in slideshow mode, so please use that when working through the presentation.
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