Watercolor in the Wild

Here's an art instruction video that takes you on six watercolor painting adventures, demonstrating both beginning and advanced techniques for urban sketchers who want to take their art outdoors.

I begin by showing you everything in my portable kit, which includes watercolors, water brushes, and water-soluble colored pencils. I then document six paintings from start to finish on location, each with detailed, helpful commentary and closeup details covering all the stages.

"Gurney is an experienced teacher and you can really see that come through here. He is thoughtful and informative, while being very brief and succinct. It's a great companion to his previous DVD “How I Paint Dinosaurs.” —Dan Dos Santos, Muddy Colors Blog

"I highly recommend the affordably priced download for anyone who wants to learn more about achieving realistic paintings on location." —Marc Taro Holmes, Urban Sketchers

“James Gurney’s latest instructional video, 'Watercolor in the Wild,' is an educational and entertaining trip into the mind of one of America’s most respected artist / illustrators." —Darren Rousar, author of Cast Drawing Using the Sight-Size Approach

"With thorough breakdowns of equipment and materials, any artist will be well informed about what he or she needs to get started." —Jackson Sze - Senior Concept Illustrator at Marvel Studios

00:00 Intro and Materials
10:12 Basic Techniques and Procedures
15:55 Painting a greenhouse with an emphasis on accuracy
21:23 Drawing a tortoise in a museum, focusing on textures
26:43 Portrait of a miniature horse, captured in real time
40:46 Landscape scene of a carriage house, with emphasis on light and mood
49:52 A spontanous Civil War portrait from life
55:03 Churchyard -- a figure in a landscape

I was a fanatic for sketching even when I was a kid—I even got chased by a bull I that was trying to sketch when I was 10 years old! But I didn't grow up around artists, so I had to figure out everything for myself by reading books and experimenting. When I made it to art school, they didn't teach this stuff, so l learned by teaching. I wrote my first book on the subject, called The Artist's Guide to Sketching when I was just 21 years old. Later on, as I went on to write Dinotopia: A Land Apart from Time and Color and Light, I have found that sketching is more vital than ever to my art life and my free time fun, too. I made this video to share all that with you. 

Practical, inspiring, and entertaining, it's one of those rare art videos you'll want to watch again and again.

720p HD video file, 72:30 running time
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