219 -J2 : Miss Jasmine warming up the Renault 5

Miss Jasmine, dressed with a white dress and brown high heels, has to go out with her boyfriend.

After leaving her stranded in front of her house, she said her boyfriend to be ready in case the car will not start up again. So she gets in the car and, after a few failed attempts, the car fires up straight away!

She is so happy to hear the little engine singing again, and to let him understand that she was pissed off by this car temperament, she revs the engine! She has another reason why she needs to rev the engine: if she leaves it on idle, it will stop!

And she doesn't want to spend a hour trying to restart it. So she keeps the revs high and makes the car heat up quickly! She wants to see her boyfriend so bad so the car has to work!

She pushes the gas all the way to the max, first slowly then quickly, with it without heels, to feel more the vibrations of the engine!
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