Arlington House Memorial

Subject English Topic Arlington House - Robert E. Lee Memorial
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For this assignment, students will create a detailed plan for a memorial to honor victims of a major atrocity, catastrophe, genocide, or injustice. Each student must submit and present to the class a detailed proposal for constructing a memorial for his/her chosen event or problem.

--Think creatively, and think specifically. Don’t just hand in a proposal for “a monument”; Provide a detailed, formal plan for what this memorial will be down to its smallest features.

Typed proposal (4-5 pages minimum)
- History/background of event
- Why does this event deserve a memorial?
- Detailed description of the memorial: Specific location and description: Why this place? Why are these details appropriate?
- Appearance: detailed description; The proposed memorial must fit in with its surroundings; How does your project accomplish this?
-Must include works cited page and correct citations (at least 3 sources; Wikipedia does not count as an academic source)
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