Driftwood Purple Nightmare - Kemper Profiles

Here we have a small session at WaveMix Productions where we test out the Driftwood Purple Nightmare and then profile some of the tones that we were able to get through a selection of our cabinets.
This profile pack contains 8 profiles with a mixture of both Vintage 30 and G12T75's.
Gear used.
Kemper Profiler (Powered) / Driftwood Amplifiers Purple Nightmare / Peavey 6534+ / Zilla Fatboy (Vintage 30s) / Zilla Fatboy (G12T-75s)
SM57 + AKG 120 run into cubase.
Guitars used.
ESP Horizon HRF / Mayones Duvell Elite / LTD H-351NT
No pedals at all were used in these profiles. 
Many thanks to Ross Cloughley for allowing us to use this amp and the Kemper! Check out his channels below.
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