IT 244 Week 9 Final Project - Information Security Policy


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Complete the Network Security Policy and Executive Summary portions of the Information Security Policy.

• For the Network Security Policy portion, include the following:

Network access
Network security control devices
• For the Executive Summary portion, do the following:

Provide 3 to 4 paragraphs describing the following:

The goals of the security plan
Project constraints

Your summary should be written in a concise and clear manner that summarizes your policy for readers.

Compile and submit all previous weeks’ sections with this week’s Network Security Policy and Executive Summary sections as a final Information Security Policy (Appendix B).

Refer to the Network Security and Executive Summary sections of the Information Security Policy Template in Appendix B for the correct format for this assignment. Customize it meeting university standard. Our standard is using APA format. Every paper must come with opening and closing statements plus include appropriate references and add intext citation if you paraphrase anything.
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