Fleet in Nike Shox Experience

Fleet modeling her Nike Shox Experience
64 Photos | 4000+ pixels | Shoe Size 7

In this ultra high-rez photo set Fleet's shoes and feet are larger than in real life on your screen; over 4000 pixels in some shots. Every inch of her impressive legs, ankles and her sexy feet are on display in great detail.

Fleet is showing off her really smelly Nike Shox Experience running shoes; they've been worn to the gym and for casual wear; they've only ever been worn without socks and they smell a lot; especially when they're hot off her sweaty feet!

- Sexy athletic feet with veiny tops and white toenail polish
- Runner's muscular legs with chiseled calves, athletic thighs and a tight round butt clad in super sexy Lululemon boy-shorts
- Nike Shox Experience running shoes are hot, sweaty and especially stinky when worn without socks.
- Detailed close-up shots of model's body, her bare feet and shoes under every angle
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