EXTREME#005 "Sad Girl Let Her Long Hair Go"

This young lady loves her long hair very much and has lavished it for many years. She was very reluctant cut it but eventually stepped into the chair. She begins to combe her hair and her reluctance to cut it returns. The stylist then proceeds to put a long cape on her to protect her body from the avalanche of hair that's about to rain down. The right side of her head is sheared very short with scissors. After he completes the right side the barber picks up the clippers and proceeds to buzz the left side. The model was sad at the loss of her luxurious locks and this shows on her face. Finally the clippers make short work of all that long hair leaving a velvety smooth military buzz cut. the model has a good bone structure and looks stunning with her new haircut

This video produced by Nahru Production

Video length: 58 min
Screen size 1280x720, format .mp4
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