110 : Miss Melanie stuck in the mud

Miss Melanie is heading to a friends house. In order to get there, she has to cross a small off-road path.
Something which SHOULD be easy for her and for the Panda.

But she gets stuck. And she has no idea of how to unstuck the Panda.

She basically tries EVERYTHING to unstuck the car and move on, but it seems impossible, as if the Panda is glued there...

Such a shame!

The mud is so slippery that it is impossible to do that!

While trying to get unstuck, the Panda sometimes stalls and is difficult to restart. Because the little engine can't work perfectly not even once in it's life.

So basically she has to fight against the mud, plus against the engine, plus against the time... All dressed in the most sexy outfit with the highest white heels, and she is surrounded by mud! She is even scared to dirty all her shoes before getting there...

Will she make it?

This is a stuck movie full of action! 24 minutes of her feet with and without heels pumping those pedals so fast and so hard that they can even be destroyed by her force!
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