Industrial Hardcore Bundle

Industrial Hardcore AUDIO :
-40 bass oneshot
-32 Drums loops
-43 Core kicks oneshot
-6 Hi hats oneshot
-59 Kicks oneshot
-7 Rides oneshot
-57 Snares oneshot
-22 Fxs loops
-10 Fxs oneshot
-52 pads oneshot
-23 Synths loops

Crossbreed Ableton RACKS :
-All Drums Rack
-Bass Rack
-Core Kicks Rack
-Hihats Rack
-Kicks Rack
-Rides Rack
-Snares Rack

Industrial Hardcore  Ableton TEMPLATE :1 Crossbreed template with all access, process, and editings.
2 Crossbreed template BONUS!

Ableton 9 is required to run these templates and rack, please make sure you are up to date with the latest version. Ableton 9 itself is not included.
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