68˚ & Clear

"68˚ & Clear" (2007/USA/12:45), directed/written/produced by Dawn Westlake; Cinematography & Editing by The Moser Brothers; Music by Jason Luckett; Starring: Myles Stephens, Dawn Westlake, Jason Luckett, John Neisler, Warren A. Watkins, Diena Chen.

Synopsis: An 11-year-old mugger saves the life of a suicidal widow. Just another day in L.A., where it’s always 68°F and clear.

"68˚ & Clear" has played in over 70 festivals around the globe and has won 3 awards: a Platinum Remi Award at Worldfest Houston in 2008 for Best Dramatic Short, a Special Jury Award at Fano International Film Fest in Italy, and the Special Filmmaker Award at BICDance in Berlin, Germany.
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