Linde Order Picker Type 149: N20L:, N20LI, N20LX, N20V, N20VI Service Training Manual

Original Illustrated Factory Service Training (Workshop) Manual for Linde Order Picker Type 149.

Original factory manuals for Linde Forklift Trucks, contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate and repair your truck

Covered models:
N20L: SN above P02003
N20L: SN before P02002
N20LI: SN above P02003
N20LI: SN before P02002
N20LX: SN above P02003
N20LX: SN before P02002

Format: PDF, 52 Pages
Language: English


Electrical equipment
Operation of pallet trucks N20L - N20LI - N20LX
Default values configured in the EPROM 1.5 (L.D.C.) for N20L-LI-LX
Pallet truck operation N20V - N20VI
Default values configured in the EPROM 1.5 (L.D.C.) for N20V - N20VI
N20L-LI-LX and N20V-VI: emergency stop interface board 1A7
N20V-VI: location of components
N20V-VI: Pump contactor blocking detection system
N20V-VI: Interconnection board
N20L - LI - LX - V - VI: L.E.S. electric steering (Lenze motor-reduction unit)
Commisioning the L.E.S. unit is energized
Adjustment procedure for the electrical steering
L.E.S: list of fault codes and troubleshooting guide
N20V-VI: gradual raising of the platform (L.S.L.)
L.D.C. menu selection (N20L - LI - LX - V - VI)
L.E.S. menu selection (N20L - LI - LX - V - VI)
Pallet trucks N20L and N20LX electrical diagram
Pallet truck N20LI electrical diagram
Pallet truck N20V electrical diagram
Pallet truck N20VI electrical diagram
Hydraulic Assembly
Hydraulic diagram for N20L - LX
Hydraulic diagram for N20LI
Hydraulic diagram for N20V
Hydraulic diagram for N20VI
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