Heal From Destructive Forces MP3

Heal From Destructive Forces MP3

10 Minute Audio Subliminal Mp3 Download
Professionally designed Inaudible/audible affirmations

It’s no wonder that people have affirmed themselves into neurosis, depression, poverty, selfishness, sickness, weak and limited self-images, anger, frustration, violence, fear, and so on. Fortunately, affirmations are so powerful that a few minutes of conscious, deep, positive ones repeated daily for a few weeks can undo years of unconscious, deep, negative ones. This is especially true because of this fact: Positive affirmations have the greatest power in the universe behind them:
 the power of truth.

You are capable of transcending self-imposed limitations

In the dis-enchanted world you must reckon not only with the dualism between value and reality

This subliminal assists in the healing of various destructive forces in the liquid plasma hologram matrix catalyst for spiritual & physical body defense

Headphones are optional 
Listening Session Instructions 2 x Day Or Night For 21- 90 Days
2 x Per Week There After For Maintenance And Or As Needed
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