COP 2800 Assignment 4- minesweeper game Solution

This is a simplified minesweeper game. The player moves from the starting position on the board to the finish without stepping on a bomb.

Your program must work like this...

1. Player starts in upper left

2. Player moves one space at a time

3. Player can only move right or down. Ignore any other input.

4. Player cannot move off the board

5. Player wins when he/she reaches lower right corner

6. Player loses if he/she steps on a bomb

7. Your program should prompt for the size of the board. Ensure that input is at least size 3. Place one bomb for a 3X3 board. Add an additional bomb for each row above 3.

8. Bombs must be placed randomly. Your instructor will check this thoroughly.

9. Insure that bombs are not placed at the start or the finish.

10. Game board should be printed out in a user friendly fashion at the start and after each move, except the last. Since you are doing this as a homework exercise rather than a real game, your board display should show where the bombs are. This will make it easier for your instructor to grade your program.
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