PSY 405 Week 5 Learning or Cognitive Personality Theories

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PSY 405 Week 5 Learning or Cognitive
Personality Theories

Pick one learning
theorist or cognitive theorist (Skinner, Bandura, Rotter, Mischel, Kelly)

NOTE:  The rubric/guide sheet to the right of this
assignment does NOT apply.  See my rubric in your initial

Develop questions as if you were an interviewer, then
answer the questions in a 900-1100 word paper.    REMEMBER, this
is a personality class, so focus on personality.  (For
example, I don't just want to see a paper on Skinner; I want to see a paper on
Skinner's view of personality.

are questions you can use (but you don't need to use these):

  • What are the
    main points of your theory?

  • What is an
    example of _____________ (main point)?

  • How do you
    compare to ______________ (another theorist we have studied)?

  • What are the
    criticisms of your theory?

  • WHat do you
    think are the strengths of the theory.

can write like an article -- use columns, graphics, first person, etc. 
Other than the reference at the end, it doesn't need to be APA.  Use your
textbook as the primary source

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