214 : Miss Vicky and the stubborn Motorella

Miss Vicky, dressed with a coloured top, leggins and clogs, wants to ride her Motorella.

She left it all winter without starting it up, so she doesn't know if it will work or not! She is a bit worried because of that, but she knows the engine is very strong and it will start with no issues! Right?

She starts kicking it but nothing seems to happen!

"It's all the week that I was waiting for this moment, riding you all afternoon, and you don't want to start up? Why?" She says to the engine!

She tries again and again, kicking it with both feet, and the engine just teases her!

She can't stand all this teasing and it pissing her off a lot!

The engine starts some times, but it quickly stalls, and all this just helps the frustration of Miss Vicky! When it starts up it makes Vicky happy but after some revs it just stalls! Cmon!

She continues trying, but no signs of life are coming from the engine now...

Maybe she flooded it? What happened?

She searches around the engine to see if everything is okay and if there is something wrong, but it seems everything good! But the engine still doesn't want to start up! Miss Vicky has no more options a part from trying to start it up again and hope for the best!

Will she make her trip with the Motorella?
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