Ultimate Summer Corporate Royalty Free Music Pack

“Ultimate Summer Corporate Pack” is a 34 min. long of my new and fresh 6 Uplifting and Positive tracks that will Help you bring your Video Project/Commercial /Presentations the Success it deserves !

Download Preview File : http://cloud.agsoundtrax.com/YTjB

Individual Tracks Previews :

► 1.Turn It Up 2:08 ( http://bit.ly/1xqwtQ3)
Turn It Up Cut B 1:30
Turn It Up Cut C 0:45
Turn It Up Cut D 0:25

► 2.Sunshine In My Heart 2:18 (http://bit.ly/W9BtKU)
Sunshine In My Heart Cut B 1:40
Sunshine In My Heart Cut C 1:16
Sunshine In My Heart Cut D 0:38
Sunshine In My Heart UnderScore 1:40

► 3.Follow Your Heart 1:30 (http://bit.ly/1ujJtan)
Follow Your Heart Cut B 1:00
Follow Your Heart Cut C 0:45
Follow Your Heart Cut D 0:30
Follow Your Heart Underscore 1:12

► 4.Inspiring Life 1:14 (http://bit.ly/1ujJH15)
Inspiring Life Cut B 1:00
Inspiring Life Cut C 0:50

► 5.A Beautiful Sunshine 2:05 (http://bit.ly/1ujJP0u)
A Beautiful Sunshine Cut B 1:29
A Beautiful Sunshine Cut C 1:08
A Beautiful Sunshine Cut D 0:52

► 6.Believe In Your Dreams 1:13 (http://bit.ly/1ujJR8B)
Believe In Your Dreams Cut B 1:00
Believe In Your Dreams Cut C 0:45
Believe In Your Dreams Cut D 0:30
Believe In Your Dreams Piano 1:00
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