The Indie Radio Directory 10th Edition April 2018

We know how frustrating it can be wasting precious time trying to stay on top of the ever changing world of radio.....

So we created The Indie Radio Directory - a continuously updated comprehensive spreadsheet of every radio station, program director, music director and DJ that you need to know.

We want to take the stress and the confusion out of sharing your music with the world so you can focus your energy on doing what you love - creating music and connecting with people.

We are very proud to announce our brand new 10th Edition of The Indie Radio Directory - the most comprehensive and update radio directory available anywhere!

We have spent hours going through each email in every single one of the 1,500 emails in The Indie Radio Directory to make sure they are all up to date and working! This 9th Edition now includes 20 brand new Radio Stations for you to submit your music to.

The Indie Radio Directory is your gateway to over 500 most influential commercial specialty, non commercial college and public radio stations in North America.

A carefully curated directory of the key Program Directors, Music Directors and DJ's across the country who support new music and help break new bands!

Radio plays a crucial role in introducing new music to a wide audience and is still one of the key stepping stones to a successful career in music. The Indie Radio Directory is a must have resource for getting your music heard.

The 9th Edition of The Indie Radio Directory features

* Over 500 Influential Radio Stations
* Name of the Station
* Names of the Program Director, Music Director, and relevant DJ's
* All Corresponding Email Addresses - Over 1,500 Emails
* All Radio Stations Tracked by FMQB
* All Alternative Radio Stations Tracked by Mediabase
* All Triple A Radio Stations Tracked by Mediabase
* All Active Rock Radio Stations Tracked by Mediabase
* Website
* Phone Number
* Social Media Contact
* Station Format
* Station Category
* Location
* Description
* Station Mailing Address
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