Sterling Edwards "NEW" Digital Download...Painting Trees, Grass, and Rocks with Watercolor

NEW! This is Sterling's new VIDEO on "Painting Trees, Grass, and Rocks with Watercolor". The label says that the VIDEO has a runtime of 3hrs and 11 minutes; this is a misprint. The actual runtime of the VIDEO is 3 hours and 58 minutes. This VIDEO shows multiple exercises for painting just what the title says; Trees, Grass, and Rocks. This VIDEO is full of creative techniques and tips. Unlike so many other VIDEO's on the market that focus on just one painting, this one is full of easy to follow exercises that teach you to paint the most common landscape elements in a looser and more expressive manner. This is the second VIDEO in Sterling's Landscape Elements Series of VIDEO's. The first of the series; "Painting Skies with Transparent Watercolor", is currently available in the store. The third and final VIDEO of the series will be on various ways to paint water. Soon to be available so check back often. Runtime: 3 hours, 58 minutes
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