Retro Keys 2 | AU/VST 32/64bit plugin for Mac OSX

Please note: you will receive a 32/64bit compatible Audio Unit and VST file (Mac OSX only).

Retro Keys 2 is a fully multi-sampled keys instrument plugin for Mac OSX inspired by retro electronic piano instruments. It has a unique keys sound, created by sampling custom programmed patches from a hardware synth.  This plugin does not emulate any particular model. Instead, it has a sound of it's own.   There are three models available that are triggered simultaneously. Each model has an additional SFX knob which can be used to add a chorus-type sound.   You can mix all models and their SFX separately, so you can alter the overall sound.  There are 6 volume rotary knobs available to do so.   There's also an LFO knob available to add some vibrato, plus a release knob and a reverb knob.   The demo video displays two Retro Keys 2 plugins in action, each with a different mix setting.   Features: - 61-keys range C1-C6 - 366 one-shot samples - 3 models - 1 chorus fx per model - 6 volume knobs - reverb, release & vibrato controls - AU & VST versions (Mac OSX only!)
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