ACC555 Unit 1 Assignment 2

In 1978, Wal-Mart hired Thomas Coughlin as director of loss prevention. Over the years, Coughlin made his way in the Organization to become Vice President, one of the most powerful positions within the organization. But in March 2005, the Board of Directors of Wal-Mart forced to renounce Coughlin amid allegations of fraud and deception.

To conceal the fraud Mr.Coughlin,regularly requestedof his subordinatescreate false invoicesto present to Wal-Mart to pay his personal expenses. This questionable activity seems to involve dozens of transactions through more than five years, including vacations, a customized pair of alligator boots with value of $1,359 and a pen with a value of $2.590.In documents filed with the court, Coughlin specifically admitted defrauding the company to pay for the care of his hunting dogs, lease a private hunting area, upgrade his pickup truck, buy liquor and a cooler, and receive $3,100 in cash.
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