Jungheinrich Electric Truck EFG-DF/DC Series: 213-220 dc; DF 13-DF 20 Workshop Service Manual

Jungheinrich Electric Truck EFG-DF/DC Series: 213-220 dc; DF 13-DF 20 Workshop Service Manual

Original Illustrated Factory Workshop Manual for Jungheinrich JETI Electric Lift Truck EFG-DF/DC Series.

Original factory manuals for Jungheinrich Forklift Trucks, contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate and repair your truck. All Manuals Printable and contains Searchable Text

Covered models:
213 dc (01.2004-08.2004)
215 dc (01.2004-08.2004)
216 dc (01.2004-08.2004)
216K dc (01.2004-08.2004)
218 dc (01.2004-08.2004)
218K dc (01.2004-08.2004)
220 dc (01.2004-08.2004)
DF 13 (07.1998-12.2003)
DF 15 (07.1998-12.2003)
DF 16 (07.1998-12.2003)
DF 16L (07.1998-12.2003)
DF 18 (07.1998-12.2003)
DF 18L (07.1998-12.2003)
DF 20 (07.1998-12.2003)

Format: PDF, 292 Pages
Language: English


2 Technical Description of Components
Solo Pilot (Standard) Component Layout
Multi Pilot (Option) Component Layout
Chassis / Assembly
Drive System
    Drive system assembly
    Assembly: Drive motor
    Assembly: Transmission System
Wheels / Axles
Drive Switch / Drive Pedal
Brake System
    Brake pedal:
    Parking brake:
    Multi- plate brake:
Steering system
    Steering column:
Swivelling bolster:
    Steering System Block Diagram
    Chassis / Load Section Connection
    Tilt cylinder:
    Hydraulic System
Control Panel
    Control valve:
    Pump Motor / Pump / Pressure Filter
    Electrical System
    Solo Pilot Block Diagram
    Multi Pilot Block Diagram
3 General Truck Data, Test and Setting Valves
    General Truck Data
    Test and Setting Values
4 Truck - Maintenance
5 Service Manual Items
    Replacement/ adjustment steering angle potentiometer B 600
    Speed reduction setting instructions B 6006
    Replacing the Brake Multi- Plates D 6001
    Stopping distances, minimum braking D 6360. 03
    Main brake cylinder (single stage) D 6360. 14
    Instructions for the installation of bra- ke tubes D 6360. 16
    Tightening torques for screwed con- nections on brake sys
    Changing of the brake fluid D 6360. 19
    Parking brakes D 6360. 21
    Steering auxiliary motor connection layout F 4001
   Test dimensions and adjustments toi hoist frames incorporating oblique suf
    Length check of load chains G 6355. 01
    Fork tines G1 6401 .01
    Pilot Valve Basic Setting I 5001
    Pilot Valve Basic Setting I 5007
    Mounting instructions for cutting ring joints I 6600. 06
    Lowering brakes and line break safety devices 1 6632.01
    ELSE-CHECK J 5002
    Instructions for the prevention of ac- ciderits and damage to equipment whi
    Notes on how to avoid acciderits and material damage when carrying out tr
    Code list - cable colours 3 6900.08
6 MP1514F/ H CAN Bus Control System (2 motor drive)
    Control System - Operational Description
    Removing the contactor rack MP1514F
    Drive Current Control Systems - Operational Description
    LED on the MP1514F
    MP1514F / MP1514F2 Electrical Plug Layout
    Lifting Control System Operational Description on the MP1514H
     Electrical Plug Layout
    Removing the Interface Card
    Removing the Masterpilot
    Interface 3
    Operational Description
    LED on Interface 3
    Electrical Plug Layout
    Interface 4
    Operational Description
    LED on Interface 4
    Electrical Plug Layout
    Masterpilot (optional)
    Operational Description
    Masterpilot Electrical Plug Layout
    Block Diagram for EFG- DF 
    with Manual Valve Lever
    with Masterpilot
    LISA User Mode Layout
    LISA Service Mode Layout
    Tract Parameter Setting
    Horn Function Table
    Parking Brake Function Table
Option 1 Table
Tabelle Option 2
Lifting Parameter Setting
Side Shift Function Table
Hydraulic function locking - Masterpilot Trucks
Steering Parameter Setting
Truck Length Table
Battery Parameter Setting
Battery Setting Table
Error Logbook Schematic
Diagnostics -
- Lifting
- Steering
Commissioning a Truck with the CAN- LISA System
    Truck Setting
    Setting Standard Parameters
    Setting Key Parameters
Adjusting Potentiometer Values 
    the steering angle potentiometer
    the lift potentiometer
7 Electrical Wiring Diagrams
    Terminology Listing
    MF Circuit Diagram (Multi-Pilot ) 
    HS Circuit Diagram (Solo-Pilot ) 
    Circuit Diagram EFG 213-220 dc SP 
    MF (Multi-Pilot) Wiring Diagram 
    HS (Solo-Pilot) Wiring Diagram
    Wiring diagram (Solo-Pilot)
    Wiring diagram (Multi-Pilot) 
    Wiring diagram EFG 213-220 dc SP
    EFG 213-220 dc MP wiring diagram
    EFG 213-220 dc MP wiring diagram
        Roadtraffic regulations lighting
        Back-up light/ Buzzer Reversing dir
        MSG 75 driver's seat
        MSG 65 driver's seat with heating
        SG 20 driver's seat
        MSG 20 driver's seat with heating
        Savas driver's seat
8 Hydraulic Wiring Diagrams
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