The Danger Tree (David Macfarlane) unabridged audiobook

Narrated by Gerard Neil David Macfarlane's memoir of his mother's family is far above the common run of such sagas. The family's fortunes are inseparable from the social fabric of the times, and the multigenerational characters about whom he writes in original, non-linear prose spring from the idiosyncratic Newfoundland mold. Although the title takes its name from the First World War, The Danger Tree also explores other major issues of early twentieth-century Newfoundland, including tuberculosis, the seal hunt disaster and the Confederation battle.


"I've just discovered The Danger Tree and am stunned. It is so good . . . about the best prose ever to come out of this country, for my money." —Alice Munro

"[David Macfarlane’s] Newfoundland memoir, The Danger Tree, is easily one of the most readable and beautifully written books to emerge from Canada in recent years." —Mordecai Richler, Saturday Night "Splendid!" —The New York Times
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