🎁 Scelta dell' Artista Catalogue


Scelta dell'Artista Version I
Merry Christmas Everyone!

Discounts this Holiday
 Christmas 80% OFF
 New Year Special 60% OFF

Pack Contains

Layer Style Pack
Color Correction Pool 
Cape Pack

More than 1,000 Minecraft 4K Screenshots ( Premium releases on 2018 )

You are not allowed to
 resell any part of this pack
 claim this pack as your own
 send the txt. file to your friends
You are allowed to
share this sellfy link to your friends 

If there's any issue in purchasing the pack , please message me as soon as possible

There will be  discounts per holiday only
Scelta dell' Artista Catalogue II releases on 2018 

Again , Merry Christmas and enjoy the pack!

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