Flatilicious Icons

Flatilicious is a huge icon-set consisting of 1000 flat icons, encompassing many symbols segregated into 28 categories. They are designed to look crisp at small sizes with a great attention to consistency. It's one of the biggest flat-style icons on the internet. What's more, it's my best-seller so far.

All icons are based on precise geometric shapes for a modern unison look.

Right Level of Details: They look crisp at small size and became more beautiful as you scale up.

Neatly Organised: Categorised in 28 different subjects for easy traceability.

Various File-formats: AI, SVG, PNG (sliced at 32×32px, 64×64px & 128×128px)

Color Customisation: Easy change of colors to adapt your own needs.

Check out the preview image of all icons:

Part 1: https://creativemarket.com/pixelbazaar/66057-Flatilicious-Icons/screenshots/#screenshot2?u=pixelbazaar

Part 2: https://creativemarket.com/pixelbazaar/66057-Flatilicious-Icons/screenshots/#screenshot3?u=pixelbazaar

Part 3: https://creativemarket.com/pixelbazaar/66057-Flatilicious-Icons/screenshots/#screenshot4?u=pixelbazaar

Part 4: https://creativemarket.com/pixelbazaar/66057-Flatilicious-Icons/screenshots/#screenshot5?u=pixelbazaar

How about a freebie for a start?
To get the big picture if what you’ll get before you buy, you can download a free snack of 80 icons: http://drbl.in/lXMn


  • Sep. 1st 2014 — Sub-pixel rendering fixes on some icons.

  • Sep. 6th, 2014 — Added are sliced PNGs in 3 sizes.

  • Sep. 10th, 2014 — Ability to purchase separate categories.

  • Jul. 19th, 2015 — Published the icons per category as separate products.

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