Dissolve Suicidal Thoughts MP3

New Product: I Want To Live, 10 Minute Subliminal MP3

Most People Don't Know How To Deal With A Family Member Spouse Or Friend That Has Suicidal Thoughts Often Pleading With Them Not To Take Their Life Can Sometimes Send Them Over The Edge A Fatal Mistake.

Ridding Themselves Of Their Emotional And Mental Anguish A Self Imposed Spiritual Prison Often Over Rules Their Love For You So Therefore A Self Healing Adjustment Is Important Here.

This Unique Audio Subliminal Assists In Being Worthwhile Again Between You/ Them And The World. Restoring Peace Of Mind. Freeing The Mind Does Not Have To Start After Death And Because Everything Is Consciousness Taking One's Life Is Not A Satisfying Remedy Short Or long Term. More Times Than None Once A Final Decision Is Reached To Off One's Life, It Is usually Carried Out Regardless Of Any External Help Or Assistance To Persuade Them To Live.

Research Has Proven That By Changing Your Thoughts You Change Your Life This Audio Subliminal Provides New Patterns For A New Mindset Many People Have Successfully Overcome Emotional And Mental Anguish Simply By Using Affirmations Repeatedly Which Is A Form Of Prayer.

Voiced Commands In The Ocean Waves Are:

I Never Give Up

The Meaning Of Life Is To Give Life Meaning

I Am One Step Closer To Finding Happiness Again

I Am Releasing All Sadness

I Am Letting Go Of My Sadness

I Am Releasing All Pain

I Am Letting Go Of My Pain

I Am Releasing All Depression And Despair

I Am Letting Go Of My Depression And Despair

I Release And Dissolve All Emotional And Mental Anguish

I Am Releasing Negative Thoughts And Depression From My System

This Too Shall Pass

I Increase My Coping Resources

I Am Allowing Myself To Relax

I Forgive Myself For The Mistakes I've Made

And Learn From Each One

I Allow Myself To Forgive

I Know That I'm Going To Live

I Love Myself And I Want To Live

Endless Miracles Flow To Me

Above Below And Center

My Suffering Turns Into Joy

I Am Good Enough

I Am A Worthwhile Person

I Envision A Positive Future

Unexpected Good Finds Grace In My Life

I Appreciate The Good That Comes From All Situations

Every Day My Endurance Increases

I Receive Spiritual Strength Now

I Have The Strength To Endure All Things

I Release The Burden I've Carried I Go Free

I Care About Myself

People Care About me

There Is Always Hope

I Have Courage And Fortitude

I Am One In Seven Billion People

I Have Spiritual Strength And Inner Wisdom To Face Any Situation

I Live In The Totality Of Possibilities

There Is Always Another Way

I Am Safe

Higher Power Heals All Conditions Past And Future Here And Now

I Am Healed

Peace And Tranquility Is Restored To My Mind

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