Linde Electric Tractor Type 127-02: P250-02, W20-02 Operating Instructions (User Manual)

Original Illustrated Factory Operating Instructions (User Manual) for Linde Electric Tractor Type 127-02.

Original factory manuals for Linde Forklift Trucks, contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate and repair your truck

Covered models:

Format: PDF, 222 pages
Language: English


1. Introduction and general description
    Information symbols used 
    Legal requirements for placing on the market 
    General description 
2.  Foreword
    Your industrial truck 
    Information about the documentation 
    Scope of the documentation 
    Issue date and topicality 
    Copyright and trademarkrights 
    Information symbols used 
    Explanation of the cross-references 
    Environmental considerations 
    Disposing of components and batteries 
3. Introduction
    Use of the truck 
    Intended purpose 
    Inadmissible use 
    Residual risk 
    Residual dangers,residual risks 
    Special risks associated with using the truck and attachments 
    Overview of hazards and counter measures 
    Danger to employees 
4. Safety
    Definition of terms used for responsible persons 
    Operating company 
    Qualified person 
    Basic principles for safe operation 
    Insurance cover on company premises 
    Modifications and retrofitting 
    Damage, defects and misuse of safety systems . . 
    Driver swith medical devices 
    Gasspring and accumulator 
    Safety tests 
    Regular safety inspection of the truck 
    Regular insulation testing
    Safety regulations for handling consumables 
    Permissible consumables 
    Substances that are damaging to health 
    Disposal of consumables 
5. Overviews
    Your truck 
    Truck variants 
    Truck view 
    Tow tractor version
    Operating and display elements 
    View of the driver’s compartment 
    Switch panel 
    Identification points 
    Data plates and adhesive labels 
    Identificatio nplate 
    Standard equipment and variants 
6.  Operation
    Checks and tasks to be carried out prior to commissioning
    Checking the condition of the wheelsandtyres 
    Checking tyre pressures 
    Top up the screen washreser voir 
    Adjusting the MSG65 driver’s seat 
    Adjusting the steering column 
    Connecting the battery 
    Switching on the truck with the keyswitch 
    Switching on the truck with the driver code 
    Checking the operating devices andt heir function 
    Checking the battery chargestatus 
    Checking the emergency off switch
    Fastening and releasing theseatbelt 
    Checking the foot brake 
    Checking the parking brake 
    Checking the electric brake 
    Checking the manual tow coupling 
    Checking the automatic tow coupling 
    Checking the remotely unlockable tow coupling
    Checking the interlock switch 
    Checks and operations before beginning your shift 
    Before beginning yourshift 
    Drive mode 
    Running-in instructions 
    Switching on the truck with the keyswitch 
    Switching on the truck with the drivercode 
    Selecting the drive programme 
    Starting drive mode 
    Accelerating the truck 
    Stopping the truck with the servicebrake 
    Driving the truck in reverse 
    Applying the parkingbrake 
    Parking and switching off the truck 
    Operating the horn 
    Charging the battery 
    Intermediate battery charging 
    Changing the battery using a crane
    Transporting and setting down the battery 
    Replacing the battery with a hand pallet stacker truck 
    Opening and closing the battery cover and engine cover 
    Switching the road lights on and off 
    Switching the direction indicators on and off 
    Turning the hazard warning system on and off 
    Switching the rotating beacon on and off 
    Switching the fog lamp on and off 
    Switching theworking spot light on and off 
    Switching the working spotlight on and off 
    Switching the interior illumination on and off 
    Display unit  
    Display unit screen 
    Overheating indicator
    Warning indicator 
    Brake fluid warning display 
    Hydraulic oil warning 
    Battery discharge indicator 
    Turn indicator display 
    Slow speed indicator 
    Interlock warning indicator 
    Full beam indicator
    Speedometer indicator 
    Odometer indicator 
    Operating hours indicator 
    Brake fluid warning display 
    Maximum speed warning indicator 
    Trailer and load 
    Towing guidelines 
    Loading the platform 
    Loading trailers 
    Towing trailers 
    Actuating the backkeying 
    Operating the manual coupling
    Operating the automatic coupling
    Operating the remotely unlockable coupling 
    Auxiliary equipment 
    Driver code keypad 
    Logging the driver code in and out 
    Switching the seat heater on an doff 
    Switching the heating system on and off . . 
    Operating the diesel auxiliaryheater* 
    Switching the front window wiper/washer on and off
    Switching the rear window wiper/washer on and off 
    FleetManager — logging in and logging off 
    Special operating situations 
    Towing the truck 
    Securing the truck for transport 
    Crane loading the truck 
    Taking the truck out of operation 
7. Maintenance
    Safety regulations for maintenance
    Personnel qualifications 
    Working on the electrical equipment
    Working on the hydraulic equipment 
    Working in potentially explosive areas 
    General maintenance information
    Recommended lubricants 
    Inspection and maintenance data 
    Preparing the truck for cleaning 
    Cleaning the truck 
    Providing access to maintenance points 
    Providing access to maintenance points 
    Maintenance as required 
    Checking battery and battery cable status 
    Checking the battery acid level and specific gravity 
    Maintaining theseatbelt 
    Check the braking system 
    Checking the brake fluid level 
    Changing the brake fluid
    Checking operating devices andfunctions 
    Lubricating the steering linkage bearings 
    Lubricating the axle stub bearing of the steering system 
    Checking the steering linkageforwear 
    Checking the auxiliary heater 
    Checking the diesel auxiliary heater filter
    Filling the tank for the dieselauxiliaryheater 
    Checking the suspension shock absorbers 
    Checking the steering fluid level 
    Changing the steering fluid and filter 
    Replace the steering fluid tank breather filter 
    Checking steering fluidhoses for damage 
    Special remova ltool 
    Removing and installing the front wheels
    Removing and installing the drive wheels 
    Check security of the wheelbolts 
    Fuses (generation2) 
    Checking and lubricating latches and hinges 
    Checking the remotely unlockable tow coupling 
    Cleaning the cooling fan and air ducts of the control unit
    Checking the conditionand safety of the electrical connections and cables
    Replacing the gearbox breather filter
    Maintenance intervals 
    Routine inspection andmaintenance 
    Maintenance - 1000 hours/year 
    Maintenance - 2000 hours/twiceayear 
    Maintenance - 5000 hours/everythreeyears 
8. Technical data
    Battery data
    Technical data - platform tractor (2200)
    Technical data - platform truck (2600)
    Technical data - long wheelbase tow tractor 
    Technical data - short wheelbase tow tractor
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