Crappy Gifts!

This package of  designs is simply amazing!  A GREAT money maker!!  These rolls sell for $5-$6 EACH...and people buy them up like HOTCAKES!!  Be prepared for a workload once you post these!  These are AWESOME last minute gifts, gag gifts, and stocking stuffers!!  This is a great package for beginners to make fast, easy money!  The RV does take a lil' patience to weed because it is very detailed...but the rest are pie...and there is NO layering needed!!  
This package contains 5 designs, and comes in SVG, PNG, JPG, and DXF formats.  There is also a Studio 3 file included for FREE with purchase.  I have also included an UNWATERMARKED presale photo to help you get going!!  ***PLEASE DO NOT POST MY PHOTO ANYWHERE WITHOUT ADDING A WATERMARK!  You can add your own watermark...I do not expect credit.  I only ask you to watermark for the protection of both yours and my work.
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