Keywording Made Easy

What is Keywording Made EasyKeywording Made Easy (KME) is a small programme I designed to help me and other keyworders to add keywords to our agencies’ images (currently 70,000 of them)
Over the past 13 years we have tried various methods, tools and applications to help us through the grinding task of selecting, writing, adding and sorting image keywords
After searching but not finding a perfect solution to our and other photographers needs, we finally decided to design and build our own simple, quick, responsive and accessible software
Main Features
·         Runs on any major browser so it is system independent
·         Removes duplicate words and phrases
·         Drag and drop sorting – drag important words to the beginning
·         Will display spelling mistakes and typos (using the browser’s spell checker)
·         Easy addition and deletion of words and phrases
·         Copy to clipboard (with commas) ready to paste into the image with the tool of your choice
·         Character counter and phrase counter
Now we all have an affordable aid to the blackest but most important task of keywording photographs and other digital files 
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