National Study: Germany

This would have to had been my BEST module, with marks of 24+/25. Contains a wealth of historiography and analyses as well as being incredibly succinct and purposeful:

1. Account for the fall of the Weimar Republic during the period of 1918 to 1933.
2. To what extent was German foreign policy framed by the Nazi ideology?
3. To what extent was Nazi Germany totalitarian?
4. Analyse Hitler’s role within the Nazi state.
5. Account for the consolidation of the NSDAP in Germany post-1933.
6. To what extent was the Great Depression of 1929 attributable to the fall of the Weimar Republic in 1933?
7. Account for Germany racial policy within the Nazi state.
8. Analyse the instability of the Weimar Republic prior to 1923.
9. Account for the successes and failures of the Weimar Republic.
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