Analyzing and assessing the corporate health of the company - EXXON Company

You are assigned a paper and excel backup on EXXON Company.  You will utilize all the material we have covered to analyze and assess the corporate health of the company. I provide some leading questions to be answered in this document but you need to show some critical thinking to what you find. Do not only answer the question I pose; write  at least a paragraph on what you found, how it applies to what we covered and researched, and what you think as it relates to the firm’s health. (I want to emphasize that “what you think” needs to be backed up by some facts and some content we covered in the course)

I wish to see an excel file with the numerical data on it. Show me things like the price history, what the debt and equity amounts and ratios are, what the P/E is, what are current assets and current liabilities, etc. Use the excel file to back up your write-up and vice versa.

By the last day of exams/finals, I should receive at least a 5-page paper and excel sheet you’re your Corporate Finance analysis. As this is a writing assignment be conscious of the quality of the document. Refer to the College writing standards you have been adhering to. (Times new Roman, double space, citation, APA formatting)

Questions to be answered and supported by work we have done in class this semester:

  1. What does the company do? What industry? How has the financial performance been the last 2-3 years? Sales growth? Earnings growth?  Any material current events?  What is he price history-growing? Flat? Down?

  2. Does the company pay a dividend? How much? What is the payout ratio? What has been the growth of that dividend? What is the dividend yield? What do you think? Does it mention dilution effects in the earnings report?

  3. What is the P/E ratio of the firm? How does it compare to rivals? To the stock market? 

  4. Does the firm have Equity? Debt?  What is the ratio?  

  5. What is the firm cost of capital? What is the profit margin? 

  6. Has the firm been involved in any ethics scandals?

  7. Has the firm been involved in any Mergers or acquisitions?

  8.  A final conclusion based on your studies of Corporate Finance Techniques: is the company well- run by the Financial Managers?
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