Bubble Lightroom

This is a Fast Render lightroom that contains 42 materials and a C4D Porjec File of the lightroom,so overall is :
-Fast Render Lightroom (tested with an i3 2120 3.3ghz (2-3segs without AO) and a Celeron 1007U 1.50ghz (6segs without AO) in medium distance (-400 with 110 Fov))
-42 Different and High Quality materials (21 Special colors,14 Stones and 7 Simple Colors)
-C4D Animation Project File
-The awesome Bubble Lightroom
If you have any kind of question or know any bug issues about the Bubble Lightroom,contact us :
Skype: Live:senhordoonmal (Styx) live:swingpulldown (Stigher)
Discord : #0286 (Stigher)

OBS : this lightroom was tested using Cinema 4D R16 (if you use a newer version like R17 or R18,materials/lightroom may look different)
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