IT244_Week3 Assignment_120014030

o    Relational database tables look much like an Excel spreadsheet when diagrammed for visual reference. The rows in each database table represent sequential values where the value in row 1A, for example, relates to the values in all the other fields in row 1. The type of value in row 1A, i.e. the name John Smith, is the same type of value as in all other rows in column A. Each row represents the sum of data for an entire record or a subcategory of a record, such as customer contact information that would include John Smith's address, telephone number and email address.


o    Columns in a relational database table are control features; each column represents a field of data that occurs consistently in each record or table throughout the database. For example, in the model CRM database visual representation, the columns would have headers such as "name," "address," "telephone" and "email." These column names are the names of the data fields that occur in each record.
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