Unit 2 Assignment

 IT163-2: Create relational databases with multiple tables to collect data.
Scenario: Now that you have conducted your research for your family reunion and know more about what a relational database is, you will now use Microsoft Office 2013 to create a table to hold the data for your family reunion.

By creating a table and a query, you are well on your way towards understanding the requirements of a database administrator in the workforce today. Database administrators create tables to collect related data in order to allow customers to perform queries in order to extract the information they need to perform their jobs.
This assignment allows you to practice setting up and developing relational tables and queries.
Assignment steps:
1. Open MS Access 2013 and select “Blank desktop database” (you will not use a template)
2. Save your database as Unit_2_Lastname.accdb
3. Change the table view to “Design View”
4. When prompted name your table “lastname_reunion”
5. Add the following fields…
Field Name Data Type
Email address Short text
First Name Short text
Last Name Short text
Relationship Short text
Phone number Short text
Age Number
Attending Yes/No
6. Set email address as the primary key
7. Go back to “Datasheet view” (you will be prompted to save your table)
8. Add 5 family members (this can be fake information)
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