qnt 561 Business Research Methods I

Riordan Manufacturing is an industry leading plastic manufacture with facilities located in both North America and China. Riordan has struggled to meet their effectiveness standards for multiple categories and they are looking to implement one of three quality improvement methods to improve process efficiency. If Riordan is to maintain an industry leader, changes must occur in processes across the board in relation to accuracy, availability, quality, timeliness, and cost. However, the first effectiveness measure to be looked at should be the receiving of raw materials from suppliers since every other process thereafter deals with inventory. In addition, the formulation of a solution involves certain steps be taken. Firstly, a process-driven research question should be formulated defining the initial problem. Secondly, a methodology such as Six Sigma, ISO, or Baldridge must be chosen to improve the process. Thirdly, a research design should be created to define any and all variables involved in the solution, and fourthly a sample design should be identified for the collection of data.
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