Linde Electric Forklift Truck Type 334: E10 Workshop Service Manual

Original Illustrated Factory Workshop Service Manual for Linde Electric Forklift Truck Type 334. 
Original factory manuals for Linde Forklift Trucks, contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate and repair your truck
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Format: PDF, 150 Pages
Language: English
    1 Drive - Motor 
        1.1 Travel motor 
            1.1.1 Checking and changing the carbon brushes 
     2 Drive - transmission 
        2.1 Chaning the transmission oil 
        2.2 Lubricating the live ring bearing 
        2.3 Mounting the travel motor to the transmission 
        2.4 Transmission assembly 
    3 Vehicle assembly 
    4 Steering system 
        4.1 Adjusting the steering chain tension 
    5 Control elements 
        5.1 Brake control 
            5.1.1 Positions of brake cylinder 
            5.1.2 Adjusting the brake 
            5.1.3 Purging the brake 
        5.2 Multi function handle 
    6 Electrical system
        6.1 Block diagram E10-01 to 04/97
        6.2 Digital control 1A1
        6.3 Location of electrical components
        6.4 Battery discharge indicator and hour meter
        6.5 Charger (optional)
        6.6 Universal Calibration Box UCB 95
            6.6.1 Programming
            6.6.2 Function Menu PROGRAM
            6.6.3 Function Menu TESTER
            6.6.4 Function menu SAVE
            6.6.5 Function Menu RESTORE
            6.6.6 Function Menu ALARM
            6.6.7 Function Menu PROGRAM VACC 
            6.6.8 Function Menu MOTOR DATA 
            6.6.9 Extended Menus 
            6.6.10 Battery charging 
        6.7 A2 Logic interface 
            6.7.1 Fuses 
            6.7.2 LED's LOgic interface 
            6.7.3 Connectors 
            6.7.4 Potentiometers 
        6.8 A3 Logic interface 
            6.8.1 Connectors 
            6.8.2 Potentiometers 
        6.9 A4 Logic interface 
        6.10 Description of electrical system functions 
            6.10.1 Switch-on 
            6.10.2 Bleeding the hydraulic brake 
            6.10.3 Forward and reverse travel (FWD - RWD) 
            6.10.4 Lifting 
            6.10.5 Lowering 
            6.10.6 Tilting (optional) 
            6.10.7 Lifting and lowering the driver's platform 
        6.11 Wiring schematic E10 with key switch two stage 
        6.12 Block diagram E10-02/03, Br 334 
        6.13 Digital control 1a1 E10, BR 334 
        6.14 Position of electric components 
        6.15 Battery charge condition gauge and operating hour meter 
        6.16 Battery charger (optional equipment) 
        6.17 Programming 
            6.17.1 Programming with diagnostic unit UCB 98 
       Adjustment or alteration of parameters 
       Display of voltage values, currents, conditions of control signals 
       Saving complete parameter sets 
       Transfer of saved parameter sets 
       Display of error messages 
       Resetting the parameters to factory setting 
       Adjustment of multi function lever for travel 
       Adjustment of motor to control 
       Adustment of battery charger to battery 
       Activation of certain options 
       Adjustment of multi function lever "Lift - Lower" 
            6.17.2 Diagnostics with PC 
       Linde interface converter 
       Installation of the Diagnostic software "test & Setup" 
       Program Setup 
       Connection to vehicle 
       Program start Linde Program selection 
       Starting the Diagnostic program 
       The Menus 
       Main menu "file" 
       Main menu "utilities" 
       Main menu "configuration" 
       Main menu "speciaL" 
            6.17.3 Electric circuit diagram E10 series 334 -02/03 
    7 Hydraulic system 
        7.1 Valve block 
            7.1.1 Adjustment of pressure relief valve 
        7.2 Pump motor 
        7.3 Hydraulic diagram 
        7.4 Hydraulic functions 
            7.4.1 Releasing the brake 
            7.4.2 Lifting 
            7.4.3 Lowering 
            7.4.4 Tilting forward 
            7.4.5 Tilting back 
            7.4.6 Platform up 
            7.4.7 Platform Down 
            7.4.8 Side shift (option) 
   Function side shift right 
   Function side shift left 
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