YouTube Video Intro/Facebook Video Thumbnail

Show your Youtube subscribers and customers that you mean business.

These Video Intros can go for $20 easy on Fiverr. This is a special

that Im having for my new online store. Get yours today!!!.

Offer Ends 04/14/2017

You can also use this Youtube intro as a Facebook profile thumbnail.
See what it looks like as a thumbnail
Add me as a friend while your there. What do you have to lose?

1. Watch the Video above

2. Pick the number of the video intro you like

3. Subscribe to my Youtube channel by tapping on the subscribe button in the

lower right corner on the video above. 

4. Hit one of the share buttons below my picture

These 2 humble requests are the price I ask in return. Not a bad deal right?

5. Press the Buy Now button and a  file will download. That file will have my

email address on it.

6. Email your logo and the number of the video intro you like. If the intro number you pick has wording at the bottom. Let me know what email address or website you want me to put there. 

7. Your intro will probably take an hour to complete. If Im out, at the most it will take 24hrs to complete. 

8. After I track and confirm that you have subscribed to my Youtube channel and Shared this page, I will send your Intro through email. 
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