Kawasaki VULCAN 1600 NOMAD VN1600 CLASSIC TOURER Motorcycle Service Manual

Download 2004-2006 Kawasaki VN1600 Nomad Tourer Service Repair Workshop Manual DOWNLOAD (2004 2005 2006)

This manual is designed primarily for use by trained mechanics in a properly equipped shop. However, it contains enough detail and basic information to make it useful to the owner who desires to perform his own basic maintenance and repair work. A basic knowledge of mechanics, the proper use of tools, and workshop procedures must be understood in order to carry out maintenance and repair satisfactorily. Whenever the owner has insufficient experience or doubts his ability to do the work, all adjustments, maintenance, and repair should be carried out only by qualified mechanics. In order to perform the work efficiently and to avoid costly mistakes, read the text, thoroughly familiarize yourself with the procedures before starting work, and then do the work carefully in a clean area. Whenever special tools or equipment are specified, do not use makeshift tools or equipment. Precision measurements can only be made if the proper instruments are used, and the use of substitute tools may adversely affect safe operation. For the duration of the warranty period, we recommend that all repairs and scheduled maintenance be performed in accordance with this servicemanual. Any owner maintenance or repair procedure not performed in accordance with this manual may void the warranty. To get the longest life out of your vehicle: •Follow the Periodic Maintenance Chart in the Service Manual. •Be alert for problems and non-scheduled maintenance. •Use proper tools and genuine Kawasaki Motorcycle parts. Special tools, gauges, and testers that are necessary when servicing Kawasaki motorcycles are introduced by the Service Manual. Genuine parts provided as spare parts are listed in the Parts Catalog. •Follow the procedures in this manual carefully. Don’t take shortcuts. •Remember to keep complete records ofmaintenance and repair with dates and any new parts installed.

In this manual, the product is divided into its major systems and these systems make up the manual’s chapters. The Quick Reference and assists in locating their chapters. Each chapter in turn has its own comprehensive Table of Contents. For example, if you want ignition coil information, use the Quick Reference Guide to locate the Electrical System chapter. Then, use the Table of Contents on the first page of the chapter to find the Ignition Coil section. Whenever you see these WARNING and CAUTION symbols, heed their instructions! Always follow safe operating and maintenance practices. This manual contains four more symbols (in addition to WARNING and CAUTION) which will help you distinguish different types of information.

The Manual Details:

Total Pages: 633pages

File Size:14.4 MB (15,101,068 bytes)

File Format: PDF

Language: English

This Manual Covers:

General Information
Periodic Maintenance

Periodic Maintenance Chart
Torque and Locking Agent
Special Tools
Periodic Maintenance Procedures
Fuel System
Air Cleaner Element Cleaning
Throttle Control System Inspection
Idle Speed Inspection
Idle Speed Adjustment
Choke Knob Operation
Fuel Hose Inspection (Fuel Leak, Damage, Installation Condition)
Cooling System
Coolant Level Inspection
Radiator Hose Inspection (Coolant Leak, Damage, Installation Condition)
Evaporative Emission Control System
Evaporative Emission Control System Inspection (CAL)
Air Suction System
Air Suction System Damage Inspection
Clutch and Drive Train
Clutch Operation Inspection
Clutch Fluid Level Inspection
Clutch Fluid Leak (Clutch Hose and Pipe)
Clutch Hose Damage and Installation Condition Inspection
Final Gear Case Oil Level Inspection
Wheel and Tires
Tire Air Pressure Inspection
Wheel/Tire Damage Inspection
Tire Tread Wear, Abnormal Wear Inspection
Wheel Bearing Damage Inspection
Brakes System
Brake Fluid Leak (Brake Hose and Pipe)
Brake Hose Damage and Installation Condition Inspection2-26
Brake Pad Wear Inspection
Brake Fluid Level Inspection
Brake Operation Inspection
Brake Light Switch Operation
Front Forks/Rear Shock Absorber Operation Inspection
Front Fork Oil Leak Inspection
Rear Shock Absorber Oil Leak Inspection
Swingarm Pivot Lubrication
Steering System
Steering Play Inspection
Steering Play Adjustment
Stem Bearing Lubrication
Electrical System
Lights and Switches Operation
Headlight Aiming Inspection
Side Stand Switch Operation Inspection
Engine Stop Switch Operation Inspection
Chassis Parts Lubrication
Bolts, Nuts and Fastener Tightness Inspection
Replacement Parts
Air Cleaner Element Replacement
Engine Oil Change
Oil Filter Replacement
Fuel Hose Replacement
Coolant Change
Radiator Hose and O-ring Replacement
Brake Hose and Pipe Replacement
Brake Fluid Change
Brake Master Cylinder Rubber Parts Replacement
Caliper Rubber Parts Replacement
Spark Plug Replacement
Final Gear Case Oil Change
Clutch Hose and Pipe Replacement
Clutch Fluid Change
Clutch Master Cylinder Rubber Parts Replacement
Clutch Slave Cylinder Piston Seal Replacement
Fuel System (DFI)

DFI System
DFI Parts Location
DFI Wiring Diagram
Special Tools and Sealant
DFI Servicing Precautions
Troubleshooting the DFI System
DFI System Troubleshooting Guide
Throttle Sensor (Service Code 11)
Inlet Air Pressure Sensor (Service Code 12)
Inlet Air Temperature Sensor (Service Code 13)
Water Temperature Sensor (Service Code 14)
Atmospheric Pressure Sensor(Service Code 15)
Crankshaft Sensors (#1, #2: Service Code 21, 22)
Vehicle-down Sensor (Service Code 31)
Fuel Injectors (#1, #2: Service Code 41, 42)
Fuel Pump (Service Code 45)
Ignition Coils (#1, #2: Service Code 51, 52)
FI Indicator LED Light
DFI Power Source
ISC Valves
Fuel Line
Throttle Grip and Cables
Throttle Body Assy
Air Cleaner
Air Cleaner Element Cleaning
Left Air Cleaner Housing
Fuel Tank
Evaporative Emission Control
Cooling System

Exploded View
Special Tools and Sealant
Coolant Flow Chart
Water Pump
Hoses and Pipes
Engine Top End

Exploded View
Special Tools and Sealants
Clean Air System
Camshaft Chain Tensioner
Rocker Case Cover
Rocker Case
Cylinder Head
Cylinders, Piston

Exploded View
Special Tools
Clutch Fluid
Clutch Master Cylinder
Clutch Slave Cylinder
Engine Lubrication System

Exploded View
Special Tools and Sealant
Engine Oil Flow Chart
Engine Oil and Oil Filter
Oil Pump and Oil Line
Oil Pressure
Engine Removal/Installation

Exploded View
Special Tools
Engine Removal/Installation

Special Tools and Sealant
Crankshaft/Connecting Rods
Primary Gear
Ball Bearing, Needle Bearing, and Oil Seal

Exploded View
Special Tools
Wheels (Rims)
Hub Bearings (Wheel Bearings)
Final Drive

Exploded View
Special Tools
Final Gear Case and Oil
Propeller Shaft
Front Bevel Gears
Bearing and Oil Seal

Exploded View
Special Tool
Brake Pads
Master Cylinder
Brake Discs
Brake Fluid
Brake Hoses

Front Fork
Rear Shock Absorber (Air Type)

Steering Stem
Steering Stem Bearing

Side Covers
Battery Case
Tool Box
Side Stand
Travel Trunk and Saddlebags
Rear View Mirrors
Electrical System

Electrical Parts Location
Exploded View
Special Tools and Sealants
Wiring Diagram (United States and Canada)
Wiring Diagram (Australia)
Electrical Wiring
Charging System
Ignition System
Starter Motor
Lighting System
Automatic Turn Signal Canceling System
Radiator Fan System
Oil Pressure Warning System
Meter, Gauge
Water Temperature Warning System
Switch and Sensors
Junction Box
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