VIDEO - Perfect hair, perfect chair


Kateryna´s hair is perfect. Blonde knee length hair which is very healthy, just like Kateryna which is very beautiful and healthy.
She is in a very big room in this video, which has perfect lighting and colors so that you will see her hair perfectly, and to put it this way; you won´t be watching the details of the room.
Her massive mane moves perfectly everywhere, and especially over this chair in different ways, which looks so good and it is a very beautiful sight!

She uses a special furniture/chair which is perfect for photoshoots, modeling, long hair play etc. This is the same chair as you will find in her photoshoot:

This video starts with a little close up hair swinging from side to side so that you will get a close look at her massive, wavy mane in action.
After this, she goes right over to the chair, laying her mane up on the chair, letting it cover the whole thing. She continues by brushing it silky smooth and perfect so that it is ready for some amazing hair play and hair show.
She slides her hair several times slowly over the edge of the special chair to show you how silky and shiny it is, as well as the texture of her hair.

She is great at poses, long hair play, modeling, and she really knows what she´s doing!
She slides her hair over the chair from different positions/angles, parts her hair, does several types of hair play and display, both while standing, sitting on the floor, and sitting in the chair. Some swinging and swaying as well as a bun and bundrop over the edge of the chair is of course included in this amazing video, of a model that is just getting better and better!

This video is over 10 minutes in length.

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