This assignment is built on top of Assignment 6 Solved

This assignment is built on top of Assignment 6.
Add capability to handle Grade Book for different subjects (Chemistry and Computer Science).
We will assume a maximum of five assignments and up to 40 students.
Details will be provided in the classFrom Lab 6 -
You have a Printable interface - used by Student.
Steps for completing Lab 7 -1. Create a new interface for Faculty to use:
package adapter;
public interface Createable {
public void createGradeBook(String fname);
public void printGradeBook();
}2. Create a class called InstructorReport
package model;
public class InstructorReport {
private Student s[] = null;
private Statistics st = null;
public InstructorReport(Student [] s, Statistics st){
this.s = s; = st
}public void print() {
//call a method that print all student info.
}3. Add methods in Util or FileIO class (Util package) to serialize and deserialize
InstructorReport.public void writetodisk(InstructorReport a1, String fname)
try {
FileOutputStream p = new FileOutputStream(fname);
ObjectOutputStream p1 = new ObjectOutputStream(p);
catch(Exception e)
//exception message
}public InstructorReport readfromdisk(String fname)
InstructorReport a= null;
try {
FileInputStream p = new FileInputStream(fname);
ObjectInputStream p1 = new ObjectInputStream(p);
a = (InstructorReport)p1.readObject();
catch(Exception e)
//exception message
return a;
}4. Rename your Print class to CreatePrint.
package adapter;
public abstract class CreatePrint {
private Util u = new Util();
private Student arr[] = new Student[40];
private Statistics s = new Statistics();
private StudentReport arr2[] = new StudentReport[40];public void createGradeBook(String fname) {
//This method must be called first - before printGradeBook() or getStats() or printStudentScores()
//we will call existing methods to:
//a. read the file and build a student array - call readFile in Util
//b. compute statistics. - call methods in Statistics
//c. build StudentReport array [done in lab 6]
//d. serialize studentreport - upto 40 files. [done in lab 6]
//e. For instructor - write one file (serialized) with Student [] and Statistics[]
}public void printGradeBook() { }
//use debug flag for printing. if debug = true then print other no printing.public void getStats() {
//print stats from any object - read one object from disk and print stats.
}public void printstudentscores(int id) {
//use the serialized life so your life is easy.
//pl. don't use search in studentreport array. long way. no good.
}}5. Create a class called GradeBook that extends the abstract class called CreatePrint
package adapter;
public class GradeBook extends CreatePrint implements Creatable, Printable {}//default package.
6. Testing your code
public class Driver7 {
public static void main(String [] args)
//Test Instructor interface
Creatable p = new GradeBook();
String fname = "c:\path to filename";
//next three lines should give a compiler error - can you say why?
//p.printstudentscores(9111); //invalid student id shld print a friendly
message - no such student.
//Test Student Interface
Printable s = p;
s.printstudentscores(9111); //invalid student id shld print a f
}Extra credit information:
1. If Lab6 submitted by March 12th midnight - you attempt any ec assignment you can earn full
2. If Lab6 submitted by March 15th midnight - you attempt any ec assignment you can 50% of earned
points.EC1 - Lab 8 [25 points] - You design, develop and test.
Using Lab 7 - add capability for student (add to Printable interface) to compute and print grade.
If total score is 91 - Print A-
Pl. use the following rubric.
For Letter Grade:
Grade: A+ assigned with 97% or higher
Grade: A assigned with 93% or higher
Grade: A- assigned with 90% or higher
Grade: B+ assigned with 87% or higher
Grade: B assigned with 83% or higher
Grade: B- assigned with 80% or higher
Grade: C+ assigned with 77% or higher
Grade: C assigned with 73% or higher
Grade: D+ assigned with 70% or higher
Grade: D assigned with 63% or higher
Grade: D- assigned with 60% or higher
Grade: F assigned with 0% or higherEC2 - Lab 7 - if submitted by 3/19 midnight PST (+2 hours) - extra 10 points.EC3 - Still thinking.DEBUG flag -
//Just an example of how to implement DEBUG flag
public interface GBCons {
public final boolean DEBUG = true;
}public class Someclass implements GBCons {public void printstats() {
//let's say u write code to deserialize a file
StudentReport r = .....;
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