262 : Introducing Miss Ale revving the Vicky's Fiat Panda

Spring is coming, flowers are blooming and Pedal Vamp is showing the new misses!  Please welcome Miss Ale!

She is a beautiful blonde with long hair and a stunning body, ready to fight the Pedal Vamp cars!

But first she has to pass a test, and you will be the examiner! Today's test is a simple revving with Miss Vicky's Fiat Panda.

Miss Ale is wearing a striped top, jeans and heeled black boots.

She gets in the driver seat and start explaining that today is a beautiful weather, but the temperature is still not so hot. So, before driving anywhere with the Panda, she has to warm it up. And a revving definitely will warm the Panda engine up to a red hot point!

She starts revving the car very lightly, it's her first rev so she still has to get used to pushing the pedal hard on the floor.

But, as soon as she removes her boots, she can feel more the pedal and the beast inside her is released! She starts pressing hard on that pedal and rev the engine to the limiter!

Will Miss Ale pass the revving test?
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