UE4 Jetpack Anim Set Ultimate

Updated To Unreal Engine v4.18

**This Product Contains No Weapon Firing Mechanics It Is Strickly Animations**

**Multiplayer Ready With Basic Steam Integration**

**Everything In This Pack Is Already Setup Replicating For Multiplayer**

This animation pack contains 735 animations, 21 placeholder weapons, and a replicating 2 person gravcycle. All ready for use on any character mesh that uses the default unreal skeleton. All animations are keyframed and contain no root motion.

Included are three types of animations, standard, heavy, and universal. The heavy versions contain more keyframes so they play slower for larger slow moving characters. Also includes weapon switching, firing, reloads, aimoffsets, turn in place, flying, 3 types of melee, grenade throws, deaths, cycle driving, and passenger.

Animation sets are for various types of weapon holds such as, 1hand, generic, knife throw, launcher, pistol, rifle, shotgun, smg, and sniper rifles. They are made for seamless blending, the lower half of the animation is the same across all the animation sets, only the upper animation changes based on the weapon hold selected.

Here is a link to view the full animation list 

**This Product Is Now Feature Complete**
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