Teddy Bear Waltz

Teddy Bear Waltz

75 bpm

Flute, Glock, Clarinet, Cellos, Violas, Basses

Technically speaking, I think this one is in 6/8 time... in which case, the tempo it 75. If it was notated in 3/4 time, the tempo would be 225 bpm. This piece took almost exactly one year to go from initial idea to produced piece. What was I doing for a whole year!? I mean... it doesn't exactly sound that difficult.

This download includes the following files:

Teddy Bear Waltz - Clarinet.wav

Teddy Bear Waltz - Flute.wav

Teddy Bear Waltz - Full Mix.wav

Teddy Bear Waltz - Glockenspiel.wav

Teddy Bear Waltz - Strings.wav

Creative Commons - Attribution 4.0.pdf

ISRC: USUAN1700064
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