500+ Reasons ReFill

500+ Reasons ReFill is a collection of the Reason patches that I have made over the last two years. As the name suggests, the ReFill contains 500+ patches for the Propellerheads Reason environment.

ReFill Count

Bass : 48
Bell : 34
Brass : 46
Drums : 14
Lead : 20
Organ : 21
Piano : 51
Pad : 134
Poly : 68
Sequence : 21
SFX : 27
String: 42
Voice : 15
sub total : 541 Sounds

Starters : 12
Effects : 58

Grand Total : 611

Samples : 88

Fine Print:
You is gonna wanna have a version of Reason that has Thor, NN-XT and the ability to run Rack Extensions. Reason 9 is even better for the few patches that have Players.

As you may have noticed, this collection contains more than the advertised number of patches. 100+ extras to be vaguely precise. There are some paid (and free) Rack Extensions in some patches. If it turns out that you don't have one (or all) of these REs, no biggie. Most of the patches will still operate adequately. If not consider that a bonus patch.

Samples are generally used as oscillator waves: Root on mid-C and spread across the keyboard.  Sure it can lead to some artifacts but I call that vintage charm.

If you need to know what genre this ReFill is suited for then all I can say is that you can think of 500+ Reasons as being like a new synth with a factory sound bank; something for everyone.
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