New Employee Training Programs

Most modern organizations have a fairly good blueprint for the recruitment and selection of their perspective employees; however, they lack an organized system of providing continuous training to upgrade skills of their workforce. Once an employee is hired the human resources department is generally responsible for ensuring that the employee receives all the training necessary to perform their work functions. New employee training programs include an orientation to the culture and organizational mission, vision and values. They also may include job specific training that is required for specific job functions.

Activity Resources
Snell, S., & Bohlander, G. (2013): Chapters 7 and 8

Main Task: Evaluate New Employee Training Programs to Recommend Improvements for an Employee Handbook
You were recently appointed as Training Director of your organization and have been instructed to review and evaluate the new employee training program for both virtual employees and those on location. These updates will be included in a new employee handbook for your organization. How would you decide which type of training would best to address the needs of the organization and your employees? In a paper, fit for inclusion in an employee handbook, select three (3) methods/models for the design of new employee training programs based on your review of the literature. Specifically, discuss how each method/model would address training needs, methods of assessment and choice of implementation strategies. Conclude your paper by providing evaluation techniques you would implement in your program.
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