VIDEO - Spring Rapunzel


This is our brand new model, Olga.
She is young and has wonderful brown knee length hair which is very silky and healthy.
This is the first time she is modeling for us, and we really think she did a fantastic job, and we know you will too!
Becoming a RealRapunzels model was the perfect start of her spring, and she can finally show her long locks to the whole world which will get inspired by her through RealRapunzels.

This is an outside video where she is standing, doing long hair poses, swinging her hair in the wind (medium strength wind), making a very big and beautiful braid, and undoing the braid.
She also does some classic long hair brushing which no one can get tired of, stroking her hair over her arm a little to show how silky it is, makes a bun and a bundrop, a ponytail and more!

This video is over 11 minutes in length.
Publication date: 4. April 2018

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